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“The fastest app distribution platform in the world!”

Upload your Android or iOS app to InstallFish, choose your url e.g<myAwesomeApp>, then let the client download & install your app directly to their device from this URL. You can password protect the whole process, prompt for installer details or omit all that and let them get the app in 1 click. It's simple, fast and secure. We will even grab the iOS UDID for you!

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"App distribution like it should be. Fast, secure and above all simple to use for our devs and clients. We love it, our internal customers love it. Win, win!

Priyesh Ranmal - AVP, Head of UX & UI Design, ACE Group


Simple, Powerful UI

Emphasis is on ease of use, both for developer and end user. Everything is intuitive and super simple.

Ludicrously Fast

Upload your app, send out the link and your end user can have it on their phone, all in under 30 seconds.

Your Own Appstores

Business users can create their own branded Appstores. Great for organising and managing distribution.

Full Version History

Store multiple versions of each app and offer the user a choice on which to install.


Upload your own branding, logo and background so the client facing side maintains your company image.

Custom Install Urls

Get your own, unique, intuitive URL to give to clients. The easiest, fastest way to get it out there.

Awesome Workflow

Slack, HipChat, email, CLI interface... We have lots of features to help increase your workflow.

Amazing Support

Facebook, Twitter, email or phone. We are always happy to help and assist with any issue.


    • Free

    • $0/month

      • 5 apps
      • 5 app versions
      • Unlimited Installs
      • 100MB space
    • Premium

    • $6/month

      • 20 apps
      • 10 app versions
      • Unlimited Installs
      • 250MB space
      • Custom branding
    • Business

    • $30/month

      • 50 apps
      • 20 app versions
      • Unlimited Installs
      • 1GB space
      • Custom branding
      • Guest accounts
      • 1 app store
    • Enterprise

    • $75/month

      • Unlimited apps
      • 50 app versions
      • Unlimited Installs
      • 5GB space
      • Custom branding
      • Guest accounts
      • 5 app stores